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Liebe's Fic

Fanfiction by Leah

2 September
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[fiction is the truth within the lies]

Hello, and welcome to liebedance's fic journal and archive. All entries will remain unlocked, but feel free to friend me if you're interested in my future work. I love comments and reviews, so let me know what you think of my pieces. Concrit and praise are both greatly appreciated. Flames, not so much. Thanks for dropping by, and happy reading!

All of my fic resides in the Harry Potter universe. Much of it centres on the Marauders, but some of it has strayed. Check out my masterlist or browse by tags (links below) to find what you're looking for. Fics are sorted by rating, character, pairing, and length.

If you like my work, you'll love the work of museme87 who has archived here. Also, check out my list of fic recommendations (link below) for a wide variety of Harry Potter fics that I've enjoyed.

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